20×24: rebuilding

So, about 3 years ago I had crazy idea of 20×24 camera, and how much I wanted it.
Phillip Habart have built me bellows and read frame, and I hacked together the rest. But after some shooting I kept having issues with light leaks and it was way too bulky.
So month after month I kept toying with various plans to rebuild it, but never got courage (or time) to do so.

And this weekend, after long and painful planning – it started again. I hope to finish in few days (my carpenter skills aren’t superb and I do lack instruments to do some parts, but hey),
and my new super awesome rebuilt 20×24 camera will be back in action (and should be way more portable and faster to set up than before)! Huzzah!

(and also new printing frame for it, because using paper clips just got old)

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