20×24 camera 2.x progress update

So, my 20×24 v2.0 was scrapped after first two evening..

Two main goals were: to make actual working base, and to have weight of whole thing to be manageable. Preferably – make whole thing to be like field camera, i.e – foldable.

20x24 camera

Reasons being my super awesome woodworking skills failed me again, so some of cuts weren’t to the size i originally have planned.

I reused base so far, redid shutterbox (accepts 8×8-0.5″ thick boards, which should allow me to mount HEAVY lenses). Opening is still 4 inches, as this is largest opening that my lenses got).

Prototype for the focusing rail, proven to be a bust

focusing rail prototype

Too many things can go wrong with alignment, as precisions cuts and perfect orientation aren’t there quite yet (hey, you try it with just hand drill and jigsaw 😉 )

Anyway.. Here are new pieces.

Front standard with rise/fall movement. This time on v2 i decided against front tilts, as it proven kind of hard to control with v1. May be for v3, or 2.5 – I will then get something from McMaster. Anyway.
front standard

And base is T shaped with cuts. There will be one more positioning set of bolts closer, to allow for shorter focal length – just moving front standard closer. I may consider building inner frame to support intermediate bellows to have extensions longer than 35″ (my longest lens that covers 20×24 is 36″ which it gets to with all the intermediate layers of wood and mounting flanges & etc) but that is for later.

Then of course focusing.

So in v1 i had tension focusing by hands. I kept seeing all the cool focusing with rods done by others and I have it on my Chamonix 4×5 , but I keep having this inner dialogues about how much i truly need or don’t need it.. And then how much of move on it I will need, if i do not utilize more positioning space on the sliding portion of base.

focusing mechanism v2

Not prettified yet. Just toying with the idea on how its doable or not. Another interesting problem is that with addition of the lens friction on front sliding becomes too great to just be plywood against plywood and i might need to employ actual sliders. Like massive 22″ cabinet sliders, they should be able to support load and slide easily. So there is a good chance that I might redo base and focusing out of thicker material but.

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