Project: Faces Of Autoimmune Diseases and HSCT

Great many people around are suffering from various forms of terminal autoimmune diseases.

It takes great inner strength to fight terminal disease, keep smiling, when even simplest of simple actions – like getting out of the bed in the morning is a struggle.
But they live lives, fighting every day, never ever giving up.

And now they have new weapon that helps to stop beast in its tracks – HSCT.

My wife is MS patient for over a decade now, you can find her story and our videos on . She had undergone HSCT treatment in autumn of 2015 in Chicago with Dr. Burt.

This project was born out of experiences, out of meeting people and desire to show others how wonderful these silent but incredibly strong people are, tell their stories, and of course – show their faces.
Faces of people near each one of us. To help spread awareness of those diseases, and to help spread awareness of the HSCT.

All of this work shot with 4×5 film camera, using Ilford Delta film.