A bit of downtime. Not only galleries on the site were messed up – home needed some serious work, and just at the time I was in car wreck – threw my neck and back off quite badly. But – its all getting better, so about to get back to the original train of thought […]

20×24 camera 2.5 progress update

And on it goes, 20×24 version 2.5. I have built few intermediate versions, and now we arriving at 2.5 (mark XX ? :)). Whats we have as far as movements – front raise-fall, back tilt. Front tilt can be done using tripod head. Base is pretty much finished as far as I can see. Everything […]

20×24 camera 2.x progress update

So, my 20×24 v2.0 was scrapped after first two evening.. Two main goals were: to make actual working base, and to have weight of whole thing to be manageable. Preferably – make whole thing to be like field camera, i.e – foldable. Reasons being my super awesome woodworking skills failed me again, so some of […]

X-ray film and Large Format Photography

Various opinions were flung around on how bad X-ray film is, how narrow tones are or high contrast it is. How prone this film to scratches or how sharpness is not there because emulsion is on both sides. Lets take this in steps, and I will walk you through my thoughts. Why shoot X-ray film […]

20×24: rebuilding

So, about 3 years ago I had crazy idea of 20×24 camera, and how much I wanted it. Phillip Habart have built me bellows and read frame, and I hacked together the rest. But after some shooting I kept having issues with light leaks and it was way too bulky. So month after month I […]