1522811_10152304372274103_4324306898113420177_o For me photography is a constant journey in maze of imagination, limits, solutions. Kaleidoscope of the life is turning and new rays of colourful light are dancing through hallways of visual pathways, illuminating what was hiding in corners, or hiding what was showing up a moment ago. It never stops, never repeats.

I was going to art school since I was 6 years old, thanks to my mom, who didn’t say “no! we don’t have any money for this!” and director of school, who saw me drawing stuff on pavement and decided to give kid a shot.
Photography was always around in my family, there are pictures of me with camera when I am barely 5 (like this one on the side), but it never truly got to me till I was around 14, and was about to finish art school.
My grandfather gave me my second camera (admittedly he gave me my first rangefinder few years before that too, but I was too young and impatient), few books and I was hooked. Thanks to kindness of people from the Photography faculty of the NIIGAiK (Novosibirsk State University of Geodesy and Cartography back then, where both my grandparents worked) and support of my awesome grandfather – my have journey started back then and it pretty much never stopped since then.

I constantly experiment with old and new cameras, playing with digital and film and alternative techniques, which is providing me with variety of results and interesting possibilities.

If you would like to contact me about commissioning me to do some work for you or would like to order prints (depending on photograph and size it might be part of limited editions) –
my email is 8020photo@gmail.com. Send me note and I will contact you as soon as possible.