20×24 camera 2.5 progress update

And on it goes, 20×24 version 2.5.

I have built few intermediate versions, and now we arriving at 2.5 (mark XX ? :)).

Whats we have as far as movements – front raise-fall, back tilt. Front tilt can be done using tripod head. Base is pretty much finished as far as I can see. Everything is stained, bellows are attached again, shutter box is alive and kicking. Couple of lenses were remounted (420mm Heliar, 36″ Cooke). I plan to try to get 18″ (f3.5 yes!) Beseler mounted, just need to think how to do it without too much strain on the front (although 36″ Cooke is the beast, even at f16 max opening, but its more compact). Frosted film on the lexan to use for ground glass.


Now i need to finalize focusing mechanism, and rear tilt mechanism. And add bolts on base to hook up to tripod base. And we are a go 😉

3 thoughts on “20×24 camera 2.5 progress update

  1. Looks good! I also decided front rise and rear tilt was enough for my 11×14. Which is on back burner as I prep my bike.

    • hehe, thanks. Don’t have motorbike here 🙂 Regular road bicycle – I picked up one in back alley, making sure its running still. Need to repaint it probably too 🙂

      Now I need to go through LFP and see what hardware guys got listed to control these movements 😉 And pick cheapy option 😉

  2. Got 3 14X17 holders in a trade so now I need to make camera. I like the size as X-Ray is available. So many projects…:)

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