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Film work produced by cameras ranging from 4x5 to 20x24 inches, wet plate collodion work on 8x10 inches plates, digiral medium format and 35mm cameras - all that, plus knowledge of lighting were used to produce these portraits. From fancy fashion concepts to old Hollywood Style and back to pictoralistic beginning of photography - all presented here.

Fine art work by Sergei was exhibited and published and exhibited around the world. Take a trip into land of imagination with present work, or be part of that world, contact him to create a new piece,

Great many people around are suffering from various forms of terminal autoimmune diseases. But they live lives, fighting every day, never ever giving up. And now they have new weapon that helps to stop beast in its tracks - HSCT. These are their stories, their portraits. All shot on 4x5 camera, using Ilford's Delta film.

Variety of landscape images. Pieaceful. Scenic. Dramatic.